Relation between vaccine and autism


There was a TV program about "autism" by NHK in Japan titled "What you taught me about my son " on@2014. 08. 16 .

Mr. Naoki Higashida who is suffering from gautismh had developed an ability to deliver language by tracing keys of keyboard of a computer one by one by his finger.
When he was 14 years old, he achieved a book titled gThe reason I jumph by this method. It was the very first book in the world about the way of thinking of a client of autism.

Mr. David Michel, a writer who can read Japanese, was looking for information about autism for his 8 years old son of autism, and found Naokifs book in amazon. He was deeply moved by it because its every word is just like as if his son was talking directly to him.
He made contact with Naoki immediately and translated the book into English.

The book was translated into many languages and read by world people. 

A mother of Norway said that
gBy this book, I realy undersood the action, mind and the dream of my son of autism.

Number of children of autism in USA has increased from 1 in 5000 in 1975 to 1 in 110 in 2009, 50 times increasing. The movie gRain manh was made in 1988.

The TV program showed the mechanism of controling languages.
In order to speak, listen and read language well, it is necesarry that the two areas of the brain is connected by neurons. These two areas are, Wernicke's area (for accepting language) and Broca's area (for delivering language) as shown above.

And in the brain of autism child, the growth of a bunch of neuron connecting these two areas is not enough for treating language freely.
The TV program said that the reason of the defect was not discovered yet.

But it may be possible to guess the reason from the
following two facts , which are;

Fact 1 : Girls are faster in getting language ability.
Fact 2 : 90% of autism occurs on boys.

The reason why the title of the TV program was gWhat you taught me about my sonh, not my daughter, was simply because there were shown no girls in the program.

Figure below shows the timing of the growth of the bunch of neuron in the brain.
It must be earlier in girls and later in boys.

Then a hypothesis is naturally coming up that an event which could influence the growth of brain is being executed commonly in the world in a certain timing , which is, after the growth of the neuron bunch of girls but before that of boys, as is shown by red column below.

Then what can be the event which can influence the brain of babies ?
What can be the event which is being executed on babies world widely?

It can be injection of childhood vaccines.
On September 23, 2014, an Italian court in Milan award compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced autism. A childhood vaccine against six childhood diseases caused the boyfs permanent autism and brain damage.

If so, there may be a possible compromising solution which can be agreed by both vaccine makers and parents with fear.
It is to postpone the timing of vaccine for boys by half a year or one year as shown below.

Then the number of autism is expected to decrease remarkably in short term.   

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